Duvar English

Turkish authorities have launched an investigation into a Belgian model for posing naked in Hagia Sophia Museum and laying naked on the Turkish flag at Cappadocia in 2018.

Marisa Papen, a nude model, is accused by Turkish prosecutors of “immodest activities” and “openly insulting the sovereignty symbols of the state.”

Papen, who is famous on Instagram, traveled to Turkey in 2018 with her photographer.

She first visited the Hagia Sophia Museum, considered a historical wonder and one of Turkey’s most visited tourist spots, wearing a burqa.

She took a photograph lifting the burqa, revealing that she was naked underneath. She then went on to Eminönü and took a boat trip on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, taking more photos.

“The shot in Hagia Sophia only took ten seconds. Then we hurried away.  I didn’t have the time to see if anybody had noticed”, she said afterwards.

After some locals started noticing the photos online, complaints were filed. Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office has now launched an official investigation, asking to determine Papen’s personal identifying information from Belgian authorities.

Afterwards the next step will be to ask for Papen’s testimony and if necessary, a decision to apprehend will be made.

Papen was previously arrested for taking nude photos in Jerusalem and Cairo, but was released after paying monetary fines.

She had then commented, “I probably will never be able to travel to Egypt again. I ended up in a prison cell after a shoot and now feature on a black list.”