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Police on duty at Istanbul’s airport who vow to quit smoking will be awarded 1.75 gram gold coins, currently valued at 442 TL, according to local news reports on Wednesday. 

Istanbul’s police department and the Green Crescent (Yeşilay) organization, whose primary goal is to combat tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use, conducted a workshop entitled “Tobacco Use Awareness Education at the airport that was attended by 1200 police. 

The workshop was led by clinical psychologist Gizem Kahyaoğlu, who explained the dangers of cigarette smoking as well as various methods of how to give the habit up. Other police officers shared their own experiences of quitting smoking with their colleagues. 

Istanbul airport police department chief Deniz Engin said that the workshop was held following the instructions of the provincial police department head. 

“We aim to provide this education to all personnel. We will be awarding gold to those who volunteer to give up smoking. God willing, this project will continue and will spread to other provinces,” Engin said. 

“There were already pledges to award gold to our police who give up smoking. We felt very happy to take part in this sort of project, which as far as we know was organized for the first time,” Kahyaoğlu said.