Bodies of two missing mountaineers found on Uludağ after 17 days

The bodies of Efe Sarp, 37, and Mert Alpaslan, 31, were found after a 17 day long search. The two bodies were both found near the location of Sarp's winter coat that was found 10 days ago. The two mountaineers were declared missing on Dec. 1 after they set out for the mountain's summit.

Duvar English DUVAR

The bodies of two mountaineers who've been missing for 17 days were found today on Uludağ, a mountain near the western city of Bursa.

Efe Sarp, 37, whose body was found first, was discovered in Küreklidere Valley near the location where his winter coat was found 10 days ago. An ID card found in Sarp's pocket verified his identity.

Mert Alpaslan's body was discovered nearly one kilometer from Sarp's after all rescue teams were focused on the area.

Cause of death was hypothermia

The mountaineers' bodies were taken to the Bursa Forensic Medicine Institution and their cause of death was declared to be hypothermia as a result of losing body temperature. Funerals of both mountaineers will be held in their hometowns.

The two mountaineers were declared missing on Dec.1 when they lost contact with their families after leaving for the mountain's summit. They are thought to have gotten caught in a heavy fog, which is considered a dangerous weather condition for mountaineers.