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Turkish pop singer Demet Akalın complained to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about her husband playing too many mobile games during a meeting in Dolmabahçe Palace about a social awareness campaign about violence against women and sexual abuse of children.

“I complained about Okan to our President, I said ‘he always plays backgammon on his phone. Thankfully the President made him erase it from his phone, he should pay attention to me now,” Akalın said about her husband Okan Kurt.

Akalın told reporters about her complaint of her husband when asked – why Kurt was present at the meeting.

Akalın was also accompanied by Turkish pop singer Hande Yener at Dolmabahçe Palace.

Akalın noted that Erdoğan told her during their 1,5 hour meeting that a bill would be presented in Parliament about animal and women’s rights.

“We talked about slaughters of dogs and how women who are subjected to violence can’t speak up,” Akalın said. “We won’t be doing a separate project but we’ll provide as much endorsement as possible.”

‘I shop in Milano but I’ll have my car domestic’

Akalın also commented on Turkey’s first indigenous electric car, which was introduced to the public on Dec. 27 by Erdoğan, who later took it for a spin.

Akalın noted that she told Erdoğan she would be placing an order for the car as soon as possible.

“I’m always nationalistic. I shop in Milano but I’ll have my car domestic. We say ‘Made in Türkiye,’ best wishes,” Akalın said.