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A watchman shot a bullet into the air that ricocheted and grazed a coworker on the head after the watchman responded to reports of an individual armed with a knife in the Cevatpaşa neighborhood of the southeastern province of Malatya.

While one of the watchmen was injured by a bullet shot into the air by one of their colleagues, the two other watchmen sustained stab wounds from the aggressor.

The watchmen found the suspect, Suat U., to be intoxicated upon arriving at the location.

One of the watchmen fired shots in the air and one of the bullets ricocheted, grazing watchman Sedat K.’s head. The two other watchmen, Gökhan P. and Yusuf S., were stabbed by the aggressor, Suat U.

Upon arriving at the scene, police officers found multiple empty shells and a knife.

The watchmen were transported to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

A deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) recently submit a bill to parliament suggesting that watchmens’ powers be expanded to include the right to detain suspects.