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A man died of a heart attack after setting himself on fire in front of the Hatay Governor’s Office, the local authorities said in an official statement on Feb. 7.

“My kids are hungry,” said Adem Yarıcı before self-immolating himself.

Yarıcı has reportedly long been unemployed, is divorced and the father of two children.

Governor’s personnel immediately quenched the fire on Yarıcı, and he was transferred to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The statement also said that Yarıcı receives social economic aid, conditional aid for his kids’ education and conditional aid for healthcare from social services.

The Hatay Governor’s Office said in an official statement that there was a restraining order on Yarıcı, issued by his ex-wife, and that he had previously attempted to set himself on fire due to “psychological disorders.”

The statement also offered condolences to Yarıcı’s grieving family.