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Turkish police have detained an ISIS executioner working for a natural gas company in the İnegöl district of the northwestern province of Bursa.

“Abu Taki Alshamy” code-named ISIS militant, identified only by the initials as Y.A.A., was known for taking part in the jihadist group’s execution videos.

İnegöl police received a tip on Y.A.A., who was among the leaders of ISIS in al Mayadin and al Bukamal regions of Syria’s Deir ez-Zor, being in the district and carried out a raid, detaining him at a construction site on Feb. 17.

Three others were also detained in a related operation, with one being an ISIS militant, identified as K.E., responsible for intelligence issues.

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy leader Hidayet Vahapoğlu criticized the fact that Y.A.A. was able to work in a natural gas company freely.

“The guy has been living in Turkey for three years and works for a natural gas company. He is also one of the leaders of ISIS terror group. No one should say that he was being tracked and was under control,” Vahapoğlu said.