Turkey's parliament spends over 31 million liras on car rentals in 2019

Turkey's parliament spent some 31,086,000 Turkish liras on car rentals in 2019, Deputy Chairman Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç said. While vehicles cost as much as 18,000 TL monthly, it was noted that car rentals in the past cost less than 7,272 TL.

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Turkey's parliament (TBMM) spent over 31 million Turkish liras on car rentals in 2019, said Parliament Deputy Chairman Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç.

TBMM paid a total of 31,086,000 TL in four bids, Bilgiç said in response to a parliamentary question from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu.

Irregular monthly rental fees

The parliament paid a total of 1,920,048 TL, not including driver fees, for 66 cars that were rented for four months.

Each of the 66 cars came down to a monthly expense of 17,987 TL, while a previous rental vehicle had only cost the parliament 7,272 TL.

TBMM opened another bid for 66 cars without drivers, to be rented for 24 months by a sub-company of the Turkish Postal Service (PTT).

The brand new cars rented by the PTT sub-company cost a total of 28,492,800 TL, with each vehicle presenting a monthly expense of 17,987 TL.

Rental cars with drivers cost a monthly 12,000

TBMM rented 10 cars with drivers for three months in 2019 to serve the Istanbul staff.

The Istanbul cars were rented out for a total of 358,695 TL, amounting to monthly expense of 12,289 TL per vehicle.

The same Istanbul staff also rented 12 service vehicles without drivers for a total of 315,000 TL.

TBMM still has an open bid for 27 vehicles that will be rented for 35 months.