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Turkey’s parliament (TBMM) spent over 31 million Turkish liras on car rentals in 2019, said Parliament Deputy Chairman Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç.

TBMM paid a total of 31,086,000 TL in four bids, Bilgiç said in response to a parliamentary question from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu.

Irregular monthly rental fees

The parliament paid a total of 1,920,048 TL, not including driver fees, for 66 cars that were rented for four months.

Each of the 66 cars came down to a monthly expense of 17,987 TL, while a previous rental vehicle had only cost the parliament 7,272 TL.

TBMM opened another bid for 66 cars without drivers, to be rented for 24 months by a sub-company of the Turkish Postal Service (PTT).

The brand new cars rented by the PTT sub-company cost a total of 28,492,800 TL, with each vehicle presenting a monthly expense of 17,987 TL.

Rental cars with drivers cost a monthly 12,000

TBMM rented 10 cars with drivers for three months in 2019 to serve the Istanbul staff.

The Istanbul cars were rented out for a total of 358,695 TL, amounting to monthly expense of 12,289 TL per vehicle.

The same Istanbul staff also rented 12 service vehicles without drivers for a total of 315,000 TL.

TBMM still has an open bid for 27 vehicles that will be rented for 35 months.