Syrians' houses, workplaces attacked in Turkey's southeast following Idlib tragedy

Houses and business places of Syrian refugees in Turkey's Kahramanmaraş province have been attacked by a group of locals. The racially motivated attack came following the death of at least 34 soldiers in Syria's Idlib last week.

Duvar English

Houses and business places of Syrian refugees have been attacked by a group of locals in Turkey's southeastern province of Kahramanmaraş' Elbistan district.

The incident arose after two Turkish soldiers -- killed in air strikes in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib last week -- were laid to rest in the province. A group of people who participated in the Turkish soldiers' funeral ceremony later attacked the Syrians' houses and places of works, media outlets said on March 1.

The police forces warned citizens to be wary of provocations.

At least 34 Turkish soldiers were killed and several others injured in air strikes in Idlib on Feb. 27. This marks the single largest death toll in Idlib for Turkey.

In the aftermath of the Idlib attack, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey does not "have to look after so many refugees and and feed them." Previously, Turkish authorities announced that the country had opened its doors for refugees to leave its territory.