Conservatives in Turkey furious at Netflix for bringing a new show said to have LGBT characters

Twitter has exploded after a hint that one of the main characters of the new Turkish series Netflix Aşk 101 (Love 101) will be LGBT. Twitter in Turkey on April 8 headed the hashtag #netflixadamol (which translates as "Netflix, be a man").

Duvar English

Conservative in Turkey have boycotted the streaming service Netflix on Twitter for bringing a new Turkish series said to have LGBT characters.

The hashtag #netflixadamol (which translates as “Netflix, be a man”) became trending on Twitter on April 8, following a hint that one of the main characters in Aşk 101 TV series (Love 101) will be LGBT.

Aşk 101 will be the third Turkish drama released by Netflix in three years, having previously made and distributed Muhafız (The Protector) and Atiye (The Gift).

The series, which is described by Netflix as “emotional” and “heartfelt,” will be released on April 24.

The following is the synopsis of the new series as published on the official Netflix website:

“In 1990s Turkey, a group of teenage outcasts band together to make their beloved teacher fall in love so she’ll have a reason to stay in town with them.”

On April 6, Netflix shared the series' trailer on its official Twitter account.