Crowd favorite roasted sunflower seeds banned on Istanbul beach to prevent environment pollution

Istanbul's Üsküdar Municipality banned roasted sunflower seeds, along with other shelled seeds, to prevent pollution of environment. A cheap alternative, roasted sunflower seeds are a favorite snack for Turkey's population.

Duvar English

Roasted sunflower seeds, a favorite snack in Turkish society, are now banned on Istanbul's Üsküdar Beach to prevent pollution of environment, the district mayor said on July 7.

"This has been a tough but inevitable decision for us, eating sunflower seeds on the Üskudar Beach Line is now forbidden," Hilmi Türkmen said in a tweet.

Saying that any fines would be donated to a fund for persons with disabilities, the mayor shared a video of a man eating sunflower seeds on a bench with a caricature-sized pile of shells in front of him.

The man in the video is seen blowing shells at a municipal cleaning worker, throwing them on the ground and pouring them all over himself.

The public service announcement video says that all shelled nuts are forbidden on the beach.

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