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A former district governor from the central Anatolian province of Konya who got removed from his post for insulting a constituent got a new assignment in western Turkey through a notice in the July 14 Official Gazette, Anka News Agency reported.

Former Ilgın district governor Yunus Fatih Kadiroğlu became the deputy governor of Bilecik merely days after berating a local who was protesting the expropriation of their agricultural land on July 11.

Locals shut down a local road to protest the expropriation of their land.

A brawl erupted among the protesting locals and gendarmerie as Kadiroğlu rushed to his car through the crowds who protested his crude mannerism.

Konya Deputy Governor Mehmet Aydın took Kadiroğlu’s post as interim Ilgın district governor when the latter got removed for his behavior against the protesters.

Governor of nearby Isparta’s Yalçav district, Aytekin Yılmaz was assigned as the new district governor of Ilgın.