Armenians in Turkey mark Vardavar in bittersweet feelings

As Armenians worlwide celebrated the holiday of new life on July 19, Vardavar, opposition deputy Garo Paylan said the special day used to be marked in all cities of Anatolia. The day is marked by drenching others in water that represent the bountiful rains that came down with Noah's flood, the deputy added.

Duvar English

As Armenians around the world celebrated the revival of life during Vardavar Festival on July 19, pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party deputy Garo Paylan noted that the special day used to be celebrated in Turkey as well.

Paylan said that Armenians celebrate "the revival of life that came with the rains of abundance in Noah's flood" by drenching each other with water.

"We used to celebrate this fun holiday like this in all of Anatolia's cities. Now only in Armenia... Happy holidays.." tweeted the deputy.

Formed from the Armenian word for "rose," "vart," and the word for "sparkle," "var," Vardavar is an ancient celebration that dates back more than 5,000 years.

Also known as "the water holiday," the special day is also marked by releasing pigeons and making sacrifices.