Energy giant Eaton terminates contract with Turkish distributor over animal murder

Irish energy giant Eaton Corporation said that they ended their working relationship with Turkish distributor Berg Elektrik upon news that the latter's general manager Alp Erkin had shot and killed their neighbor's dog. While Erkin claimed he killed Nero because the dog bit his wife, Nero's owner noted that the animal was trying to protect its keeper.

Duvar English

Ireland-based energy giant Eaton Corporation severed ties with their Turkish distributor Berg Elektrik after the latter's General Manager Alp Erkin was reported to have shot and killed a neighbor's dog.

Erkin shot and killed his neighbor's dog Nero on July 25 on the grounds that the dog had bit his wife.

While the dog's owner noted the dog was only trying to protect their keeper, the incident caused public outcry on social media.

"We are aware of the incident involving Alp Erkin, GM of Berg Elektrik, and have decided to end our business relationship with this distributor," tweeted Eaton's official Twitter account on July 30.

"The violence that occurred here could have been targeted to a human being," Nero's owner had said following Erkin's crime.

Berg Elektrik General Manager Alp Erkin is seen during a broadcast.

Erkin was briefly detained by police to give a statement, but was released shortly after, causing public outcry.

Turkey currently only issues fines for violence against animals, although the country's animal rights defenders have been campaigning for stricter legislation for years.

Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul deputy Zeynel Emre presented a bill in January that would legalize prison sentences of up to five years for violence against animals.

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