Duvar English

Two people were detained for shooting the car of a restaurant owner over late takeaway delivery in the southern province of Adana on Aug. 6.

E.K. ordered food from a restaurant on the Levent neighborhood and called the restaurant’s owner after the delivery person was late.

Following an argument over the phone, the food was delivered, but E.K. then attacked the motorcycle of the delivery person, knocking it down.

The deliveryman then conveyed the incident to the restaurant owner, who headed to E.K.’s home in anger.

The argument between the sides turned into a brawl and E.K. and his friend Ö.T. opened fire on the restaurant owner with a pump rifle and blank cartridge.

No one was wounded in the attack, but the vehicle of the restaurant was damaged as a result.

Both E.K. and Ö.T. were detained following the incident.

Fight over bumper cars

A week earlier, four people were wounded in a fight that erupted over bumper cars also in Adana’s Çukurova district.

Two groups had a fight with sticks and knives over hitting each other with bumper cars in an amusement park on Aug. 2.

Five people were detained over the incident.