Security officer caught after stealing 4.5 million liras from bank vehicle in Turkish capital

A security officer in the capital Ankara was caught after stealing a bag full of 4.5 million Turkish Liras from the bank vehicle he was driving. The officer dropped off his colleague at a branch, parked the security vehicle nearby and drove away in a friend's vehicle.

Duvar English

A bank security officer in the Turkish capital Ankara, identified only as Ayhan B., was captured on Sept. 8 after stealing 4.5 million Turkish liras ($600,000) from a bank vehicle he was driving on Sept. 7.

The officer reportedly dropped off his colleague A.Ö. at one of the private bank's branches on Vatan Street, telling him he'd be right back after running an errand.

Noticing that Ayhan B. wasn't back after a while, A.Ö. notified the bank of the situation.

While the vehicle was recovered in front of another bank down the street, the bag containing 4.5 million liras was gone.

Eyewitnesses said that Ayhan B. had got in another vehicle, owned by Selahattin B., and driven away.