Northern Turkey mayor's illegal villa gets demolished by his own municipality

A district mayor in the northern province of Çorum built a villa illegally on public land, prompting a complaint from residents and ending in the demolition of the construct by the mayor's own office. The district mayor was also fined 22,000 Turkish Liras for the illegal construction.

Elvan Yılmaz - DUVAR

A district municipality tore down the illegal property built on public land by the district mayor in the northern province Çorum, fining Mayor Mustafa Aydın some 22,000 Turkish Liras.

Dodurga District Mayor Aydın built a villa with a swimming pool on public land where he's estimated to have cut down some 100 trees for the construction.

The residents of Dodurga made a complaint with the provincial Environmental and Urbanization Directorate, which noted that the district mayor had no legal permit to build the villa and notified the Dodurga District Municipality of this situation.

The municipal council ruled on the construct's demolition, and fined the district mayor 15,000 Turkish Liras, which officers from the Treasury added another 7,000 liras to for a total 22,000 in fines.

Dodurga District Mayor Aydın confirmed with Gazete Duvar that he tore down the villa as soon as the municipal council ruled on its demolition, filling in the swimming pool and turning over the land to the National Estate Directorate.