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Turkish businesswoman Suna Kıraç died at the age of 79 on Sept. 15, Koç Holding has announced. Kıraç had been receiving treatment for ALS.

“We feel the sadness of losing Suna Kıraç, who assumed leading roles in our company from its early years until 2010 and who spearheaded the establishment of Koç University, Koç Schools and Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey,” read the statement shared by the holding on Instagram.

“We’ll always remember her via sticking to the values she entrusted us,” it added.

The billionaire businesswoman was paralyzed throughout her entire body in 2000 and was able to communicate only via eye movement.

Kıraç, the daughter of Vehbi Koç, was an honorary member of London Business School due to her contributions to the business world and Turkish children’s education.

She was awarded the State Medal of Distinguished Service by the Turkish government and received the award from then-President Süleyman Demirel for her contributions to education, health and social services in the country in 1997.

She also penned her autobiography, Ömrümden Uzun İdeallerim Var, in 2006.