Ayhan Çimendağ / DUVAR

A 13-year-old child was sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually abusing a nine-year-old Syrian child in the southwestern province of Denizli.

The 13-year-old child, identified only by the initials as A.B., sexually abused the Syrian child with mental disabilities, identified as R.A., on June 10.

A.B. was apprehended on the same day of the incident and lawyer Nurgül Ülker Şüküroğlu from Denizli Bar Association took the case.

During a hearing of the case held at the Denizli Seventh Heavy Penal Court on Sept. 14, the court handed A.B. seven years in prison, which is the highest sentence that can be given to minors for sexually abusing a child.

The hearing was held behind closed doors due to the suspect being a child.

Commenting on the legal process, Şüküroğlu said that Family and Social Policies Ministry also got involved in the case, in addition to another association lawyer.

She also said that another indictment is currently being prepared over “depriving someone of their liberty for sexual abuse.”

“The case is not over yet,” Şüküroğlu told Duvar, adding that R.A. is receiving psychological support.