Duvar English

Turkey’s Court of Cassation, the top appeals court, has found a male employee at fault for using the women’s toilet at the store where he was working at, T24 news website reported on Sept. 19.

The male employee, whose name is unknown, was fired from his job on the grounds of “disturbing female employees” for his use of the women’s toilet on several occasions.

The fired employee then applied to the Bursa 2nd Bursa Labor Court, demanding to be compensated for the termination of his labor contract.

The lawyer of the store in question said that the male employee had been disturbing his colleagues for a long while now, and although he had been warned several times, he had not changed his actions.

The defendant asked the Bursa 2nd Bursa Labor Court to dismiss the case, but this request was turned down, which led the store in question to take the case to the Court of Cassation.

“The complainant’s actions of causing disturbance among female employees by using the women’s toilet have been recorded. The complainant has explicitly confessed to this when he told a witness about his actions,” the Court of Cassation said in its ruling.

The top court found the store’s decision to terminate the male employee’s contract justified and rejected the demand for a compensation.