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Gli the Hagia Sophia cat has fallen ill two months after the site was converted into a mosque and will live away from people in a private room.

His caretakers announced the incident on Instagram and said that the cat is now in a private room after receiving treatment at the veterinary for a week.

“Finally today i’m back home. From now on I have a private room because my heart can’t handle the stress and crowd anymore,” read the caption of the post. The most beautiful thing that real friends can do for me is to send me prayers and good vibes,” it also read.

Caretakers of the 16-year-old cat, who was born at Hagia Sophia, previously warned worshippers to not overwhelm Gli after footage of them taking pictures of Gli with flashes and feeding him unhealthy food emerged on social media.

Muslims were also seen to be putting on Ottoman clothing on the cat despite repeated warnings on not to touch him.

Hagia Sophia was opened for worship on July 24 after it was declared a mosque by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Following the site’s conversion, Islamists and pro-government trolls on Twitter had also started to search for a new name for Gli, saying that it should be more Islamic.