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A group led by forensic science expert and human rights defender Prof. Şebnem Korur Fincancı won the elections for the leadership of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB).

Two groups competed in the elections, Fincancı’s Effective Democratic TTB Group and Dr. Rıza Hakan Erbay’s Independent Doctors Union, held during the association’s 72nd congress held in the capital Ankara on Sept. 27.

Some 308 delegates out of 481 voted in the elections and the Effective Democratic TTB Group won 240 of the valid 303 votes.

“We don’t give up on life, the right to health and our professional body” was the slogan of Fincancı’s team.

The candidates for the TTB’s central council are Fincancı, Çiğdem Aslan, İbrahim Akkurt, Alican Bahadır, Vedat Bulut, Deniz Erdoğdu, Kazım Doğan Eroğulları, Meltem Günbeği, Onur Naci Karahancı, Ali İhsan Ökten and Halis Yerlikaya.

Fincancı is now expected to be elected the leader of the association in the first meeting.