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The governor of the southwestern province of Denizli has prompted fury for ordering a restaurant to be closed because a waiter working there didn’t recognize him.

Governor Ali Fuat Atik was visiting shopkeepers in Denizli on Oct. 17 as part of COVID-19 inspections when he stopped by at a restaurant and tried to talk to the waiter, who continued cutting döner despite his attempts to talk.

The governor then claimed that it’s illegal for him to be not wearing gloves while scolding the man, using it as an excuse to call over the restaurant owner and ordering the place to be closed.

There are no obligations for wearing gloves when cutting döner.

Following fury on social media, the governor apologized, saying that “he was saddened by his own approach.”

“The fact that my approach and wording in the dialogue with the worker included hurtful remarks saddened me,” read Atik’s statement on Oct. 18.

“I apologize to our citizen because of my attitude,” he added.

According to his statement, the order to close the shop was cancelled.

“We will make up for the saddening incident in kindness and modesty via visiting the shop,” Atik said.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also commented on the incident, saying that he found it appropriate for the governor to apologize.