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Food prices have increased by 36.9 percent in October in comparison to the same month last year, according to a study by the Birleşik Kamu İş labor union confederation. 

The research was conducted by analyzing the 77 most commonly-purchased food products at markets and bazaars in the capital of Ankara. 

Families in Turkey on average spent 17.9 lira out of every 100 lira on rice, bread, pasta, flour and other grains, and though consumption is low due to high prices, 22.4 lira was spent on fish and meat. Meanwhile, 15.1 lira was allocated for vegetable purchases, and 13.4 lira was spent on milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products. 

The prices of bread, wheat, pasta and similar goods rose 16.2 percent year-on-year this month, while the prices of meat and fish increased by 4.3 percent. Dairy products and eggs jumped up in price by 33.4 percent while cooking oil prices climbed by 15 percent. The largest year-on-year prices increases were fruits and vegetables, which surged 78.7 and 68.2 percent respectively.