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Russia has returned some 370 tons of tangerines sent from Turkey in 16 batches, citing the detection of hazardous agricultural pests in the fruit.

According to Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor, Mediterranean fruit flies were found in the tangerines, which led to the agricultural watchdog organization banning their entrance to the country.

In a statement to Russian media, Rosselkhoznadzor said that the fruits reached the Russian port city Novorossiysk by sea.

Agricultural inspections were carried out on the tangerines between Oct. 18 and 20 and the insect, which is on the list of quarantines in Russia, was found alive.

An official from Rosselhoznadzor said that all 16 batches of “unhealthy” fruits were sent back to the exporters.

The watchdog previously raised concerns about the deteriorating situation of fruits that are exported from Turkey.

Pests that are on Russia’s quarantine list were detected a total of 1,495 times in the fruits and vegetables sent from Turkey.