Diyarbakır’s trustee administration increased water prices by 330 percent, hoping to generate 200 million Turkish Liras in revenue, as reported by Mesopotamia Agency.

The price hikes were decided during a municipal council that was held on Dec. 27. The public was not informed of it.

The price increase works following a ladder scheme, charging different prices for different quantities and different locations.

Residents of the city center will be charged 3,55 liras instead of 2,64 for one cubic meter of water. A family of four usually needs 23 cubic meters of water in order to lead a healthy life.

Above 15 cubic meters of consumption, the unit price surges 103 percent to reach 5,33 liras.

In the developed districts of Ergani, Bismil and Silvan, a price increase of 98 percent set the unit price for less than 15 cubic meters at 3,5 liras, while exceeding amounts will be priced at double of what it was, observing a 198 percent raise.

The unit price for below 15 cubic meters was increased by 100 percent, reaching 3,45 liras in the districts of Çermik, Çüngüş, Dicle, Kulp, Eğil, Lice, Hazro, Hani and Kocaköy.

The price for a cubic meter over the 15 limit used to be 1,2 liras in these districts, but has undergone a 330 percent increase to reach 5,18 liras for any consumption exceeding the 15 cubic meters limit.

The hikes in water prices are expected to bring in 200 million liras of revenue for the Diyarbakır Water and Sewage Administration (DİSKİ).

While neither the municipality nor DİSKİ have made announcements about the price hikes, the Governor’s Office and DİSKİ released a statement on Dec. 20, 2019 maintaining that ‘those in need’ would be able to buy drinking water with a 50 percent discount.

“This extensive discount is the first of its kind. It will put a smile on 80,000 faces in need,” the statement said.