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Borsa İstanbul, the Istanbul stock exchange will remain open later in the night, effective soon, said Borsa İstanbul President Mehmet Hakan Atilla.

“Keeping the exchange open between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. will allow for an investor trading in the morning session of US markets to also make transactions in our exchange,” Atilla said.

The average value of daily transactions in the swap market has reached 10 billion liras and the range of products and services will expand, Atilla added.

For investors who conduct detailed analyses, the stock exchange is even more profitable than foreign exchange trades or gold, Atilla said.

A family who bought gold every month 18 years ago would have about 100 thousand liras today, and a family that bought dollars of the same worth would have 75 liras, Atilla noted.

“However, if they’d invested in 10 companies with high dividend yields, it would reach 170 thousand liras,” Atilla said.