The total assets of the banking industry in Turkey had decreased by over 21 billion lira by the beginning of this month, revealed the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (TCMB).

The total assets of the banking industry decreased from 2.62 trillion lira to 2.60 trillion lira, a .8 percent dip of 21.21 billion lira, weekly money and banking statistics by the TCMB revealed for the week of Jan. 6.

Turkish lira assets took the biggest hit, dropping by 0.71 percent, while foreign currencies dropped by 0.32 percent.

A different trend last week

Foreign currency assets in the banking industry were on the upswing the week of Jan. 13, increasing by just under $1.5 million and reaching $226 billion.

Consumer loans have increased by 0.76 percent, and installment loans grew by .07 percent.

Mortgages represent 41.3 percent of all consumer loans while vehicle loans are at a mere 1.09 percent.

Loans have shown to have increased by 9.76 percent since the same month last year.