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The current hunger threshold for a family of four is 2219 TL, according to recent statistics compiled in a report by the Turk-İş labor union, nearly reaching the current net minimum wage, which was determined to be 2324 TL as of January 2020. 

The hunger threshold refers to the minimum amount required to feed a family of four in a balanced, healthy, and sufficient manner. Meanwhile, the poverty threshold for a family of four, which includes food expenditures, clothing, rent, utilities, education, healthcare and other necessary expenses was calculated at 7229 TL for a family of four. 

The bare minimum monthly amount required for a single person without children was determined to be 2697 TL. While that figure may be enough for one to live in other larger cities in Turkey where the rent is much cheaper, it would be very difficult in Istanbul where renting a single room often costs half that amount.

The Türk-İş report indicated that within the past year, the average monthly food costs for a family of four have shot up by 687 TL in the past year, owing to stubbornly high inflation rates.