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Turkey is one of Europe’s two cheapest countries to live in alongside Ukraine, a ranking by CEOWORLD Magazine revealed.

The magazine bases the index on the cost of living, rent, groceries, eating out and purchasing power.

The infamously costly city of New York was chosen as a benchmark with an index of 100. If countries are below 100, they are considered cheap, and if above, expensive.

Turkey was ranked at the 102nd place with an index score of 34.7, slightly cheaper than its neighbor Bulgaria which ranked at thr 94th place with a score of 36.7.

Turkey was ranked as one of two countries in Europe with the cheapest restaurants alongside Kosovo. It proved more affordable than Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The general ranking also showed Turkey has cheap rents, the next country with cheaper rent being Bangladesh at number 110.

Only three countries more expensive than New York City

On the other hand, the ranking suggested the most expensive three countries to live in are Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, being the only three countries that are above an index score of 100, meaning they are more expensive than New York City.

Japan, Denmark, the Bahamas, Luxembourg, Israel, Singapour and South Korea followed the top three most expensive cities.

Pakistan was revealed to be the most affordable country to live in with an index score of 21.98, followed by Afghanistan and India, the only two other countries with an index score below a 25.

Syria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Kosovo, Georgia, Nepal and Egypt were also in the bottom of the ranking, as cheap countries to live in.