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Turkish Lira deposits in banks have increased by 0.08 percent in the last week of January, reaching 1,259,898,662,000 liras, Turkey’s Central Bank (TCMB) Weekly Money and Banking Statistics revealed.

Meanwhile, foreign currency deposits have seen a hike of 0.18 percent, reaching $224,700,000,000.

The total deposits in the banking industry, including interbank deposits, rose by 2,116,715,000 liras, reaching 2,651,027,502,000 liras.

460 billion liras in loans

During the last week of January, consumer loans in banks increased by 0.92 percent, reaching 460,486,962,000 liras.

It was noted that 188,771,868,000 liras of these loans were residential loans and 4,888,853,000 liras of it were automotive loans.

Installment loans saw a hike of 0.66 percent, reaching 397,466,695,000 liras.

Credit card balances also grew by 2.80 percent, reaching a total of 155,418,587,000 liras.

The total loans volume of the banking industry reached 2,595,533,412,000 liras, a 13.78 percent increase from the industry’s loan volume last time this year.