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The founder of a pyramid scheme called “Farm Bank,” teenager Mehmet Aydın reportedly has around one million Turkish liras transferred into his offshore bank accounts each month.

A fugitive since 2018 and rumored to be in Brazil, Aydın reportedly receives funds through four or five crypto-currency accounts, daily Yeni Şafak reported.

While the money transfers sum up to about one million liras ($150,000), the senders remain anonymous.

Aydın founded the pyramid scheme Farmers Bank in 2016 with 10,000 liras’ capital and fled the country with half of the one billion liras he raised.

Victims of the pyramid scheme have reportedly hired a private investigator who determined that Aydın was somewhere in the Paraguay-Uruguay-Brazil area. It has also been rumored that Interpol is on the look for Aydın.

The scheme has an online game front where players can “buy” cattle that they think will be used for production on farms in different parts of the country.