IMF: Turkey has not applied for emergency assistance amid coronavirus

Turkey is not among the non-EU emerging economies in Central and Eastern Europe that has applied for emergency assistance from a $50 billion pool available via the IMF’s rapid financial support facilities, the organization’s European Department Director Poul M. Thomsen said.

Anadolu Agency

Whilenon-EU emerging countries in Central and Eastern Europe are seekingIMF assistance in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, neitherTurkey nor Russia have done so, the director of the fund's Europeandepartment said on March 30.

TheIMF is now facing simultaneous requests for assistance from thelargest number of countries in its history, Poul Thomsen stressed.

"Weare dramatically streamlining our internal rules and procedures so asto be able to respond with the speed, agility, and scale called forby this unprecedented peacetime challenge," he said.

Asthe outbreak spread to dozens of countries, several internationalinstitutions, including the IMF, announced new financial packages tohelp countries tackle the virus' effects on their markets.

Turkishofficials said they have taken necessary steps to protect the publicand the country's economy from the pandemic's fallout.

Thevirus, also known as COVID-19, has so far infected 9,217 people, andclaimed 168 lives in Turkey.

Over741,000 people are infected and over 35,100 have died in 177countries and territories, according to data compiled by U.S.-basedJohns Hopkins University.