Turkish Treasury borrows 12 billion liras from domestic markets

Turkey's Treasury on April 6 borrowed 12.6 billion Turkish liras (approximately $1.86 billion) from domestic markets, by selling 14-month government bonds and eight-year CPI indexed government bonds at two separate auctions.

Duvar English

Turkey's Treasury and Finance Ministry reopened an issue of 14-month government bonds and an issue of eight-year CPI indexed government bonds at two separate auctions on April 6.

The ministry offered zero-coupon government bonds that will mature on June 9, 2021 and CPI-indexed bonds with a maturity date of June 28, 2028.

At the first auction, 7.6 billion lira worth of government bonds were sold. The accepted average annual simple rate was 12.11 percent, whereas the accepted annual compound interest rate was 11.99 percent.

At the second auction, 4.99 billion lira worth of CPI-indexed bonds were sold. The bonds carried a fixed coupon rate of 1.65 percent, paid semiannually. The accepted average real return rate was 3.55 percent, whereas the accepted real compound rate was 3.58 percent.