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A shop owner in the southwestern province of Denizli said that he wants to die because of the worsening economy when he was asked the reason for why he was not wearing a mask.

Denizli Governor Ali Fuat Atik was making COVID-19 inspections in the province on Oct. 17 when he saw a shop owner, whose identity wasn’t disclosed, not wearing a mask.

When asked by the governor why he wasn’t wearing one, the shop owner said, “I want to die.”

“I’ve had enough. I want to die. Look at the economy. I gained 15 liras on Tuesday and 100 liras on Wednesday. What use does it have even if that 100 liras is all profit?” he asked.

The governor, in return, told him “to be patient.”

The Turkish lira has been dramatically losing its value, hitting record lows against the dollar and euro. Unemployment in the country has also been on the rise.