Turkey's remote education system crashes on second day of school

Turkey's online education system crashed on the morning of the second day of school, although the system was used during make-up classes leading up to schools' reopening. The system displayed a message that read "too crowded," locking out teachers and students alike.

Turkey's kindergarten, first graders start schoolTurkey's kindergarten, first graders start school

Duvar English

The Turkish Education Ministry's remote classes system Education Informatics Network (EBA) crashed on the morning of Sept. 22, the second day of school openings following weeks of make-up classes.

The software displayed a message that read "Too Crowded," preventing even teachers from logging in and hindering the course schedule.

"There are hundreds of thousands of teachers and students on EBA right now, which might be why you're having issues. In the meantime, EBA TV is on your TV!" parents reported the system saying, main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) member Barış Yarkadaş said on social media.

"The fourth period is currently ongoing but most kids couldn't follow the first two periods," Yarkadaş added.

Turkish Education Minister Ziya Selçuk had said during a promotion for EBA that Turkey was "building the world's greatest digital education infrastructure."

Meanwhile, non-governmental organizations have been pleading with Ankara to compensate the cost of technological equipment that's required to access EBA, as an inequality in resources has widened the gap between students' success across the country.

'Quarter of Istanbul students can't access remote education materials''Quarter of Istanbul students can't access remote education materials'