Western Turkey court cancels tender for red deer hunt

An administrative court in the western province of Eskişehir cancelled a tender for the hunt of 18 red deer for more than half a million liras. Noting a lack of detail in the tender, and a failure to demonstrate the effects of the cull on the species, the hunt was called off.

Duvar English 

An administrative court in western Eskişehir annulled a tender opened by the local Agriculture and Forestry Directorate for the hunt of 18 red deer in the area in exchange for a total 513,000 Turkish Lira, daily Milliyet reported on Sept. 30. 

The administrative court annulled the tender on procedural error, as the document allowed hunting on six different areas for a total of 18 deer, but didn’t specify the number of animals to be killed in each district.

Noting the lack of evidence proving the benefits of the cull for the species’ continuation, as well as a failure to demonstrate the effects of the hunt on the animals, the court ruled that calling off the cull would be most beneficial for the red deer. 

The ministry can appeal the ruling with the Court of Cassation in 15 days.