Erdoğan ally says he saves money by having a lamb butchered

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ultranationalist ally Mustafa Destici has advised citizens to cut on their expenses, by saying that he has been "having a lamb butchered" instead of buying the meat from shops.

Duvar English 

The leader of the far-right Great Unity Party (BBP), which is an ally of the government, Mustafa Destici was in a live broadcast program at TV100 on Jan 9. He was giving advice to citizens on how to "save money" when talking about recent price increases.

One of his advice was jaw-dropping as he said: “I do not buy 100 TL worth of meat from the butcher. I buy lamb and have it butchered. I am careful about this. Everyone can be careful about this. Not everyone may have the opportunity, but it’s a different topic.”

Destici later said that “all the rich living secular life" vote for the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and İYİ (Good) Party. "Middle and lower classes vote for us, my voters feel this economic crisis. I am one of the politicians that have the best grasp of this, because I come from within life,” he said. 

2021 was a year of price increases in Turkey. The annual inflation rate was officially announced as 36.1% in December but independent researchers found it as 82.8%. Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmakers constantly give advice on saving money.

One of the AKP lawmakers named Uğur Aydemir had even said in November: “Maybe we will eat onions and bread for days, months, but we will not make any concessions from our security.” Despite the economic situation and their advices, government members continue to have luxurious lives. 

The statements of Mustafa Destici were amongst trending topics on Twitter. The head of the Anatolian Publishers Association Sinan Burhan said he talked to Destici.

Burhan tweeted: “I just talked to the leader of BBP, Mr. Mustafa Destici. He meant ‘we prepare flour, potatoes, sugar and meat for winter in the villages. We cut lamb and calf, and keep their meat for a year’".

Destici also claimed to Burhan that his remarks had been cut short and "montaged," without explaining how this was made on live air.