Erzurum policeman tells MP about being 'very ashamed' about inaction towards attack on İmamoğlu's election bus

A main opposition CHP deputy has shared a message sent to him by a police officer who expressed being “very shamed” about not being able to stop the attack against Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s election bus in the eastern Erzurum province on May 7.

Duvar English

A police officer in the eastern province of Erzurum has sent main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Murat Bakan a message about being sorry not to intervene against the attack on Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s election bus.

Bakan shared the police officer’s message as follows: “Dear deputy, as a police officer, I have become very ashamed about what happened in Erzurum today but we merely obey orders. Because of the incapable executives in charge, we, civil servants, are also accused. Please show your reaction as a party to our incapable executives. There is a very beautiful stance for our presidential candidate Mr. Kemal (Kılıçdaroğlu) at the institution (of police department). Because of the servility of incapable executives, let us not be accused so that the state’s police who are doing their duty properly be not offended. I wish you success. Hopefully, everything will be beautiful.”

CHP deputy Bakan said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, Erzurum Mayor, Governor, and Police Chief are the people responsible for the attack.

İmamoğlu’s election bus was attacked with stones by a group of people during a rally in Erzurum on May 7. İmamoğlu said they will file criminal complaints against the governor and security forces for not preventing the attack, adding that he saw 10-15 of his supporters were injured.