'Fake doctor' who worked in state hospital for 1 year arrested

Ayşe Özkiraz, who has been working in a state hospital for one year as a "doctor," turned out to be a "fake doctor" who has only completed high school.

Duvar English

A Turkish court has arrested Ayşe Özkiraz, who has been working in a state hospital for one year in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ as a “doctor” and turned out to be a “fake doctor” who has only graduated from high school.

Özkiraz, who worked in the state hospital in Tekirdağ’s Çerkezköy district, was arrested after an investigation was launched against her, Demirören News Agency reported on Nov. 25.

Accordingly, Özkiraz told other doctors working in the same hospital that she works as a “child doctor.”

The doctors who suspected her asked her several questions about her “profession.” Özkiraz told them she graduated from Istanbul University's Çapa Medical School. When Özkiraz gave contradictory answers to the questions, the doctors then asked some questions about treatment methods. 

After Özkiraz could not answer the questions correctly, the doctors reported her to the hospital management.

Lastly, the police searched her home after a criminal complaint was filed against her.

During the search, several fake university ID cards, fake doctor's ID cards, fake diplomas, IDs belonging to various hospitals, and surgical clothes were confiscated.

The court arrested Özkiraz due to the charge of "opposing the Law on the Practice of the Style of Medicine and Medical Sciences.” 

It was revealed that Özkiraz also told her family she graduated from Çapa Medical School.