Fine issued over banner in protest of price hikes and melting wages

Members of a community house in Eskişehir have been fined 18,000 liras for hanging a banner that reads “We can’t make ends meet” in the face of worsening economic crisis.

Duvar English

Due to the increasing cost of living and repeated price hikes, a community house in the western province of Eskişehir hung a banner on their building, reading: "We can't afford to live, lift the price hikes.”

The banner was initially removed by the police upon the governor's decision. Members of the Eskişehir Halkevleri hung the same banner on their walls again on Jan. 15, and this time were fined 18,000 Turkish Liras by the police. 

The left-wing group hung the banner within the scope of the “We cant’ make ends meet” campaign initiated by community houses throughout Turkey in the face of the deepening economic crisis.

Reacting to the fine, the head of the community house Cevat Aydemir said that the government expects them to remain silent and unresponsive. “The same banner is currently waving on the walls of all our branches. The circular of the Eskişehir Governorship has lost its validity and reality in the eyes of society.” 

Aydemir said the authorities had argued in their decision that the banner “could bring different-minded groups against each other,” which is itself "discriminatory." He said that their lawyers will file a lawsuit with regards to this issue.

Turks have been left desperate and without hope by the recent economic crisis. The majority of people believe that their financial situation will worsen amid the melting of their wages against inflation.