First dose of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine caused a headache, says Turkish volunteer recipient

The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine made in China caused a headache, said the volunteer recipient, President of Akdeniz University Prof. Özlenen Özkan. The second dose reportedly had no side effects.

Duvar English

The COVID-19 vaccine made in China caused a daylong headache after the first dose, and no side effects after the second dose, said volunteer recipient, Akdeniz University President Prof. Özlenen Özkan.

"I had a daylong headache with the first dose but no serious side effects with the second dose. We don't know what caused the headache," Özkan said. 

Noting that Akdeniz University is also working on a vaccine, Özkan said that any vaccine study takes a long time since it involves so many safety measures. 

"We hope to get one finished soon. I hope Turkish vaccines will enter the worldwide race too," Özkan said. 

Turkey's Health Ministry is anticipating a delivery of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines in December, with administration starting on Dec. 11.