Fourth student dies by suicide in Turkish university campuses in month

A student staying in the dormitory of the capital Ankara’s Hacettepe University died by suicide. This marks the fourth suicide incident on Turkish university campuses between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15.

Duvar English

Ayşegül Tayyar, a student of the capital Ankara’s Hacettepe University Faculty of Computer Engineering, on Nov. 14 died by suicide in the dormitory room of the university. Another student on Oct. 30 also died by suicide in a Hacettepe University dorm.

The university confirmed the death of the student in a statement on its official social media account, yet did not mention suicide.

The students also reacted against the rectorate’s late statement which they saw it as an “attempt to cover up the incident.” They also mentioned the lack of access to mental health services and worsening life standards of the students.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor launched an investigation regarding the incident.

The number of students who died by suicide between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15 has reached four, two of which occurred in the same university.

A student of central Anatolian Eskişehir Anadolu University died by suicide in the dining hall on the campus on Oct. 15. The student, who was studying elementary mathematics teaching, had stated in a 3-page note that he was having financial difficulties, and his friends had confirmed this situation.

On Oct. 21, another university student tragically died by suicide in a state-run dormitory in central Anatolian Eskişehir. Also, another fourth-year medicine student at Hacettepe University died by suicide in her dorm room.

Students have been protesting against the negligence in dormitories and the rising cost of living after the several deaths and injuries suffered by the students during new academic year started in September.