Gazete Duvar journalists visit colleagues at BBC Istanbul Bureau to support their strike

Gazete Duvar journalists have visited their colleagues working at the BBC Istanbul Bureau on the 15th day of their protest. BBC Istanbul Bureau reporters have been protesting in front of their office for over two weeks now, demanding a decent pay increase in the face of soaring inflation.

Duvar English 

Journalists from Gazete Duvar and the closed down newspaper Radikal on Jan. 28 visited their colleagues working at the BBC Istanbul Bureau on the 15th day of their protest. 

“Our colleagues make a reasonable demand for a living. Working in these conditions reduces both our life quality and work efficiency. While the official inflation rate is around 36 percent, a 20 percent increase is unacceptable. Our friends are right and we will stand by their just struggle,” read the statement issued by the journalists, in support of the strike. 

BBC Istanbul Bureau's journalists went on strike on Jan. 14 due to a disagreement of collective bargaining talks that were launched on Aug. 9, 2021.

They say that their rights are not granted as BBC journalists in the UK and other BBC bureaus.