Germany favorite destination among Turkish students for abroad study

Germany, France and the Netherlands are respectively the top preferred destinations for Turkish students wanting to study abroad, Turkey's Education Minister Mahmut Özer said.

Duvar English

Turkish high school graduates who went abroad, have chosen mostly German universities to study at, Education Minister Mahmut Özer said in his answer to a parliamentary question filed by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP).

After Germany came France and the Netherlands on the list, said Özer, according to reporting by Deutsche Welle Turkish.

CHP MP Ömer Fethi Gürer also inquired about the number of Education Ministry personnel employed abroad. In his answer, Minister Özer refrained from giving a number, simply saying that “those who become successful in exams earn the right to be appointed abroad.”

MP Gürer criticized the minister for his vague answers, saying that he was avoiding giving information based on statistics. “Doesn't the Ministry have the data on how many Turkish Republic citizen students and teachers are abroad?” Gürer asked, calling on the minister to share these data.