HDP branch to be probed for revealing armored police vehicle's attempt to run over kids

An investigation was launched into the Batman branch of the HDP for sharing the footage of an armored police vehicle that's seen chasing children. The branch is accused of inciting the public to hatred and enmity.

Duvar English

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the provincial branch of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the Kurdish-majority southeastern province of Batman for sharing the footage of an armored police vehicle trying to run over children.

The HDP Batman branch shared the video on Twitter on Feb. 28 and called on the justice and interior ministries, Batman police and Batman Governor's Office to act on the issue.

"It's clearly seen that the armored vehicle belonging to the police is chasing and trying to run over a child in Batman's Bağlar neighborhood," the HDP said in the tweet. 

While no official statement was made on the issue, HDP Batman co-chair Ömer Kulpu said that he received a phone call from the police, who told him that an investigation was launched into the branch for "inciting the public to hatred and enmity."

"Who uses this Twitter account?" a police officer reportedly asked Kulpu. 

Kulpu said that the incident reveals the gravity of the situation in the country. 

"We shared the footage and criticized it. We then were asked to give our testimonies," Kulpu told Mesopotamia Agency on March 4. 

"Those who said that they will do reforms have started already," he said sarcastically, referring to the government's judicial reform promises. 

"An investigation should have been launched into the police, but it was launched into us," he noted. 

Kulpu said that the aim is to hide police brutality. 

"Our deputies submitted questions to parliament regarding the footage. We'll do whatever is necessary legally," he said.

"No one should have the right to drive an armored vehicle on children and put their lives in danger."