HDP office in Turkey's Bursa set on fire

Unidentified assailants late on Dec. 29 broke into the HDP's office in Bursa's İnegöl district and set it on fire. HDP İnegöl co-chair İpek Akman said police officers are stationed on the street that the HDP office is located at, and it is quite "suspicious" that they have not seen anyone entering the building despite the curfew.

HDP's office in Bursa's İnegöl was the target of an arson attack on Dec. 29.

Duvar English

Unidentified assailants have attacked the office of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the western Bursa province's İnegöl district.

The assailants broke into the HDP office late on Dec. 29, pushed all the couches and tables into a corner and set them on fire.

HDP İnegöl co-chair İpek Akman said that the fire had extinguished on its own after a while and therefore the office has not been completely burned into ashes.

“Even though there is a curfew in place, some people are coming all the way to our building and setting it on fire. There are police officers on the street that our office is located at. How come did they not see anyone? It is suspicious that the fire was not responded to and no one was seen entering the building,” she said.

The HDP Bursa provincial organization released a statement on Twitter with regards to the attack, saying no one will be able to “deter the HDP from its democratic politics.”

“A fascist attack occurred against our İnegöl district office. Fascists who set our district office on fire have also marked it with cross signs. We tell those who did this, who had it done, and who shut their eyes to it: No one will be able to deter the HDP from its democratic politics! We are here! And we will be here every day!” the statement read.

The HDP also shared photos showing the extent of the damage that the fire caused.