Ankara municipality's cleaning crews vigilant amid coronavirus outbreak

Turkey's Ankara Municipality has increased cleaning measures in for public transportation hubs and vehicles amid the coronavirus outbreak that's killed 15 people in the neighboring state of Iran. Routine leaning operations for the busy hubs and vehicles will include disinfection from now, municipal health director Seyfettin Aslan said.

Duvar English

Turkey's Ankara Municipality is adding disinfection to the cleaning process of public transportation stations to prevent the spread of any viral infections, namely coronavirus that has killed 15 people in the neighboring state of Iran.

The municipality's cleaning crew started their work around midnight Feb. 26 in Kızılay, the central station of the city's subway, as well as the city's railway system Ankaray.

The crew cleaned interior and exterior surfaces before the disinfection, particularly targeting viral infections.

Cleaning operations have been intensified amid the coronavirus outbreak and routine cleaning operations now include disinfection, the municipality's health director Seyfettin Aslan said.

"Rest assured that we clean more thoroughly and fortify the cleaning with disinfection," Aslan said.

Voyager cabins, cable cars, city buses, The Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal and family living centers will be disinfected every night, Aslan added.