16 Iranian drivers test negative for coronavirus, Turkish governor says

Sixteen Iranian truck drivers quarantined in Turkey's Zonguldak for suspected coronavirus have all tested negative, the provincial governor announced on Twitter. The drivers were put in isolation on Feb. 26 after one of them was determined to suffer from high fever.

Duvar English

The governor of the Turkish northern province of Zonguldak on Feb. 27 announced that 16 Iranian truck drivers who were put in isolation a day earlier over suspected coronavirus infection have all tested negative.

Gov. Erdoğan Bektaş said on Twitter that the drivers were therefore released from quarantine.

Turkish media outlets reported on Feb. 26 that health officials were monitoring a group of Iranian drivers as a precautionary measure after one of them was determined to suffer from high fever.

The drivers were indicated to have brought various materials from Iran to the Ereğli Iron and Steel Plant in Zonguldak. After one of them showed symptoms of high fever, all of the drivers were put under quarantine in the Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital.

University student, flatmate under observation for possible infection

In a separate case, the governor's office of the northern province of Kastamonu on Feb. 26 announced that a Turkish university student and his/her flatmate were being observed for suspected infection of the novel coronavirus after showing symptoms of high fever and nausea.

The university student arrived to Kastamonu from the eastern province of Van on Feb. 21, the governor's office said.

Iranian tourist put under quarantine in Turkish Cyprus for possible infection

Separately, a 26-year-old Iranian tourist has been put under quarantine in the Turkish Cyprus after visiting a hospital with a complaint of high fever. The tourist was transferred to Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital.